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Ways to unlock

Latch App - Android and Apple Users - Bluetooth (BLE)

Hold the phone close to the black Latch Lens on the device and it will automatically find and unlock the right Door. Android devices have additional settings that you can tune for the best experience.



Alternatively, swipe up to your Door List and tap the Door you want to unlock.


Latch App - Android Users - Near Field Communication (NFC) 

Ensure that NFC is enabled within your phone and Latch App settings. If you do not see NFC within the Latch App, please contact for assistance. For a list of all Android supported devices.


Hold the phone within 1” of the Latch device to unlock. You do not need to unlock your phone, but make sure that your device is awake.


Latch App for Apple Watch

Open the app and hold your wrist to the Latch device, and it will automatically unlock. 

You can also scroll down in the app to quickly access your personal doorcodes.

Unlock with Siri

To unlock with Siri, navigate to your Door List, and tap on any door. You will see a button allowing you to “Add to Siri.” After tapping the button, you will be asked to choose a phrase that you will use as a voice command with Siri.  You can use the suggested phrase or create your own. To unlock with Siri, simply say “Hey Siri,” followed by your chosen phrase as you approach your lock.




Find your Doorcodes in the left menu of the Latch App.  



Using Doorcodes

Tap the center of the black Latch Lens on the device and enter your Doorcode.




Latch Keycard

Tap the center of the black Latch Lens on the device and present your Keycard. Learn more about getting and setting up a Latch Keycard.




Mechanical Key

Contact your property management for more information about keys at your property.




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