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App overview

Explore some of the app’s key features, and discover how Latch is making access easier. Watch the video.


After you’ve been invited to set up your account by a property manager, you will be able to use the hold near to unlock feature with your smartphone. Simply open the app near the Latch you’d like to unlock, and it will automatically find the right Door and unlock the device.


Door Reordering and Tap to Unlock

For convenience and speed, reorder the Doors in your Door List so you can quickly access those you use most often—for example, move the front door and your apartment door to the top. You can also quickly find the Door you’re looking for with the search function. Type the Door name into the search bar, and bring it right to the top.

Instead of using hold near to unlock, find your Door in your Door List, and tap it to unlock as you approach.


Personal Doorcode

As backup to hold near to unlock, Doorcodes are seven-digit codes that are unique to you and your Latch devices. Memorize the codes or reference them on the left menu of the Latch App. Just remember, you cannot change your personal Doorcode so it should be kept secret.


Let Someone In

Using the Latch App, you can remotely share temporary or permanent access with your friends, family, or service providers. You can grant single-use Doorcodes that expire 15 minutes after they’re entered, a one-day Doorcode that works from midnight to midnight, or permanent access by sharing the Latch App.



If there is a camera, Latch only takes photos at public doors in common spaces of your buildings, like the doors of the building entrance and gym. Latch devices with a camera also record a still photo and timestamp whenever your guests access your personal space. However, they never take photos of the people who live in the apartment, and your history to your private space can only be viewed by you. 



Lock Status 

Update your door whenever you revoke access or activate a Keycard. It will update automatically whenever someone uses hold near to unlock with their smartphone, but you can also do it manually by swiping up to “My doors,” tapping the Door you need to update, and selecting “Update.” The battery life is also refreshed during every update so you can monitor your device’s power level.




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