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Supported and Recommended Phones

The Latch App is available on iOS and Android. The Manager App is available on iOS.

To ensure that your experience with the Latch App and Manager App is secure and reliable, we strongly suggest using one of the supported devices below. Both the Latch App and Manager App can only be found in the United States App Store/Google Play Store. We recommend referencing the App Store and Google Play Store’s limitations around location switching before making this change.

If you do not see the Latch App in the United States App Store or Play Store, your device may not be fully supported and you may encounter reduced functionality.

Using a pre-production iOS or Android operating system may lead to degraded functionality and is not supported. This includes beta iOS versions under the Apple Beta Software Program and beta Android versions under the Android Beta Program. 

Supported iOS Devices

Latch App and Manager App are currently supported on devices running iOS 13 and above. Please refer to Apple’s Supported iPhone Models for more device information.

Note on iPhone 5C and below (32-bit devices)

To maintain the reliability and security of the Latch App, we no longer support iPhone 5C and below due to Apple's deprecation of 32-bit devices.

Supported Android Devices

Latch App currently works on devices running Android 6 and above. While the Latch App is available on many Android devices, we recommend Samsung flagship models and Google Pixels. 

Contact us at if you have any questions regarding support for your device.



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