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Setting up Latch Keycard

Latch Keycard is the first physical credential to work across any door in any building you have access to. It leverages a secure process -- similar to setting up a credit card, and is easy to setup and use. 


How do I get a Latch Keycard?

Contact your property manager for your building's policy on Keycard.


Can I have more than one Keycard?

You can only have one active keycard at any one time. However you can store as many as you want. You just need to deactivate your current keycard first, before activating another one.



  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Activate'
  3. Enter the serial number printed on the Keycard
  4. Enter your Latch email (that you login into the app with)
  5. Open your email and press 'activate'
  6. Follow the instructions to add Keycard to your doors. 



It's just as easy to deactivate your Latch Keycard if you think it's lost or stolen.


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