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Can I let guests and vendors in remotely with Latch Mission Control?

Yes. Latch Mission Control lets you send a Daycode to guests or vendors immediately for today, no matter where you are.


With Latch Mission Control

1. Select 'Invite'

2. Select 'Day code'

3. Enter the guest's contact details (note, you can only send a doorcode via email with Latch Mission Control. If you'd like to send a doorcode via text, use the Latch app)

4. Select the Keys they need (they will receive a unique code for each door)

5. Select whether you want to codes to start today or tomorrow

5. Choose if you want each code to self-destruct 15 minutes after they are first used

6. Send

7. Your guest will now receive an email with the doorcodes


With the Latch app

See how to let guests in.


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