Door updates and tasks

What are door updates?

Whenever someone's access is created, removed, or changed for a Latch device, the Latch device needs to be updated. In most cases, this occurs automatically if the device is connected to the internet or someone unlocks the device with their phone for the first time (Ie. when someone moves in). If the person doesn't have the Latch app or the Latch device is not internet connected, the device will need to be manually updated with one of the Latch apps.


What is a door update task?

When building staff make an access change in Latch Manager, they will be alerted to any changes that require a manual door update. To carry out the update task, use the Latch Manager App (iOS) or Latch App.

Note: You have to update the device on the day that the access starts. 


How to update a door

Latch App: Learn more here.

Latch Manager App: Select the device from the home screen and tap 'sync'