Programming Latch devices with Manager App

Welcome to your smartest install yet. Installing and programming Latch R and Latch M is simple with Manager App. If you don't have access to Manager App, contact us at

Follow these steps in order:


1. Add a device

Once you have installed the Latch device, you need to add and save the device's information:

  1. Locate the QR code on the back of the device
  2. Open Manager App and select the 'New Door' button in the top right corner
  3. Select the correct Account
  4. Select 'Scan Serial Number' and scan the QR code on the Latch device
  5. Select the correct building


2. Assign or create a door

  1. If you have pre-created a door in Latch Manager you can assign it by selecting 'Door Name'
  2. If you have not pre-created the door you create a door
    1. Enter the door or apartment name
    2. Select the door type. Learn more about door types.


3. Save


4. Upgrade firmware 

Requires at least 20% battery life on battery-powered devices

  1. Navigate to the list of devices
  2. Select the device you just added
  3. Tap 'Upgrade Firmware'
  4. Select the firmware version
  5. Wait for the firmware upgrade to finish (this can take up to 10mins), do not step away from the device


5. Update the device

  1. Navigate to the list of devices
  2. Select the device you just updated
  3. Tap 'Update'


6a. Configuring Latch R

To finish programming Latch R, you need to configure a few settings:

  1. Once you have saved the device's information (see 'Adding a Device' above) navigate to the device list screen
  2. Select the device you installed
  3. Select 'Configure'
  4. Select the appropriate relay configuration for the device.
    1. Normally open: Sets the Latch R relay to be normally open 
    2. Normally closed: Sets the Latch R relay to be normally closed
    3. Panel: Select if you are connecting Latch R to an existing access control panel. 
  5. If you are connecting to a panel, enter the Facility Code and Card ID for a card that unlocks the panel at all times and days
  6. Select the re-lock time 
  7. If you have connected ethernet to the device, toggle it on
    1. If you require static ethernet configuration, toggle to static mode, and enter the subnet mask, gateway, and IP address
  8. Save configuration


If you need to change the configuration of a Latch R:

  1. Navigate to the devices list
  2. Select 'Configure'
  3. Re-configure the settings and save


6b. Configuring Latch C

Latch C needs to be told what the door handing is in order for its motor to drive in the correct direction.

  1. Select 'Left' or 'Right' for the door handing


7. Test unlock

  1. Navigate to the list of devices
  2. Tap 'Unlock' and ensure the device unlocks the door