With Schedules, you can set a door to be available on certain days at certain hours for someone on Latch Manager. Schedules is available on any door with a Latch R installed, and it works with or without internet.


Adding a schedule to someone

  1. Add a new person, or 'Update Access' for an existing person
  2. Select the 'Schedules' box
  3. Select the time window that the person should have access and the days in which the schedule should occur. Days that the person can open the door are highlighted in black.
  4. Create or update the access
  5. Update the relevant doors if necessary


Editing or removing someone's schedule

To change someone's schedule on a door, you have to first remove and then re-add the door. Note, this will cause the person's doorcode for that door to change. Learn more about adding, removing, and editing people in Latch Manager.


I can't set a schedule for a door

If you see the tooltip 'This door does not currently support schedules', this door most likely does not have a Latch R installed. Schedules is only available on doors with the Latch R.



If you see the tooltip 'Scheduled access for this door will be available soon', contact Latch on guidance on unlocking this feature.