Importing people from a CSV file

With Import, you can upload people all at once from a CSV, just follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Give Access'
  2. Select 'Resident Access'
  3. Select 'Import CSV'
  4. Download the CSV template to ensure your data is in the right format
  5. Choose your CSV file or drag a file into the browser window
  6. Select 'Import'
  7. Review your data, if there are any issues, you can make the changes to your original CSV file and re-upload
  8. Next, select doors
  9. Optional: add a start and end time for your imported people
  10. Review
  11. Select 'Create Access' to complete. Depending on the size of your import, this process may take some time to complete. Your browser window must remain open until the import is done.
  12. Once complete, all the people you added will receive the Latch welcome email with details on using the Latch app and Latch devices


Good to know

  • Your data must be in CSV form
  • Email addresses are treated as the primary identifier people in the Latch system. If you're adding someone with an email address that already has Latch account associated with it, doors will be added to the existing account.
  • If for some reason there are problems completing the import process, the same CSV may be
    uploaded again and the system will only import data that hasn’t already been processed.