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Setting Up Unlock with Siri

What is unlock with Siri?

Unlock with Siri is a seamless unlock experience tied directly to Siri on your iPhone. You will be able to choose a specific phrase for each door that will unlock the door after you say “Hey, Siri.” To set it up, open the Latch App, navigate to your Door List, and tap on any of your public Doors. Tap the “Add to Siri” button and follow the set-up steps to create your own phrase.


Will unlock with Siri work on my phone?

Unlock with Siri is available for any Apple device running iOS 12 or newer. You will also need the Shortcuts app that comes preloaded with your iPhone. If you’ve deleted Shortcuts, you can download it again here.


Will unlock with Siri work on my Apple Watch, Airpods, HomePod?

Yes. All unlock with Siri will work across all your Siri-enabled devices. For security reasons, we do not recommend using unlock with Siri if you have a HomePod.


How secure is Siri?

Siri uses Apple’s native voice recognition to ensure that only you are able to suggest commands for it. There are varying levels of security for Siri depending on your preferences.


  • On iPhone, Airpods, Apple Watch and HomePod, you can allow Siri to passively listen for your voice.
    Whether passively listening or not you can require that Siri only work when your device is unlocked. For instructions on this, please see below.
  • On HomePod there is a specific security setting tied to “Personal Requests.” If this is turned on, then utilizing Siri for shortcuts, as well as your text messages, notes, and more are enabled on your HomePod. You can also require authentication for this feature.
  • For the most secure experience, we recommend disabling Personal Requests on your HomePod and requiring authentication on your Phone for Siri to be used.

For information on setting Siri on your iPhone to your preference please see Apple’s support documentation here.

For information on setting Siri on your Apple Watch to your preference please see Apple’s support documentation here.

For information on setting Siri “Personal Requests” on your AirPods to your preference please see Apple’s support documentation here.


How can I set up my own phrase to use to unlock?

When you set up unlock with Siri for your door, we will suggest “unlock ‘Your Door Name’” as the unlock phrase. To edit, simply tap in the ‘When I say:’ box, and choose any phrase you’d like.


How can I change the phrase I’ve set up?

Navigate to the Door page and tap the “Add to Siri” button. You will be able to set up any phrase you want here.


Can I use the same phrase for all my doors?

You will need to choose a unique phrase for each of your doors. You can use the suggested phrase for each, “unlock ‘Your Door’s Name.’”


What happens if I delete Shortcuts?

You will need to download the Shortcuts app again in order to unlock with Siri.


If unlock with Siri does not work, what should I do?

First, check that you have downloaded the Shortcuts app. Then, navigate to the Door you are attempting to unlock and be sure that you have added it to Siri. Finally, press the “Add to Siri” button to confirm you are using the right phrase.


If I want to remove the Siri Shortcut, how do I do that?

Open your Shortcuts app, and delete natively from within.


Can I use this to unlock my door while my phone is unlocked?

Unlock with Siri will mirror the security requirements you have natively with Siri. If you can use Siri without unlocking your phone, then you can use unlock with Siri the same way. If you want to keep your door as secure as possible we recommend requiring your phone be unlocked to use Siri in your iPhone settings.

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