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What is the Latch Delivery Assistant?

The Latch Delivery Assistant is a 24/7 personalized, remote doorman and access solution. 

We monitor your building and package entrance areas, facilitate access for your trusted delivery personnel, and alert you via text or phone notification when you have a package waiting.

How does it work?

Latch uses specially trained service representatives to monitor your building’s front door. 

When you are expecting a delivery but are not available to retrieve it, the package carrier will utilize the Latch Intercom to contact our Delivery Assistant representative, who will verify the caller's identity. 

Once approved, our Delivery Assistant will grant the caller access and monitor the package drop off in the secure package room via camera. 

After your delivery is complete, the Delivery Assistant confirms the delivery person’s exit from the building and sends you a notification so you can retrieve the package at your convenience.

Who monitors the system?

We use a highly trained remote security operator with over a decade of experience to monitor your building.

In the event of any suspicious activity, our Delivery Assistant can contact local law and fire enforcement and dispatch them to your building. 

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