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Issues Viewing my Smart Devices

If you can see View smart devices under your private residence door, but one or more of your smart devices is not displayed, please contact your Property Manager for further assistance. They will work with the Latch Customer Support team to investigate the problem.

If you cannot see the 'View smart devices' link under your private residence door in the Latch App, we first recommend running through the following:

  1. Confirm you're signed in to the Latch App using the correct e-mail address. Signing in with the wrong account may cause confusion as the required permissions/access may not be assigned to that account.
  2. Log out of the Latch App and then log back in to refresh the App. To do this:
    • Open the Latch App menu (on the top left-hand side of the Latch App).
    • Selecting 'Settings' and 'Sign Out.' 
    • Then sign back in with your correct email address and password.

If after running through these steps, you still do not see 'View smart devices,' please reach out to your property manager to ensure they have you listed as a resident for your Unit.

Your property manager can reach out to our support team at if they have any questions or need assistance along the way. 

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