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How do I connect a Nest Device to a Google Account?

After the Google thermostat is set up by an installer, you will be prompted to Tap to Give Consent in the Latch App. You'll be able to review the benefits of connecting the thermostat to your Google account, and you'll need to connect your account in order to control your thermostat through the Latch app.

From there, you'll enter the "Log in with Google" flow, and will need to complete the following in order to connect your Nest to your Google account:

  1. Sign in or create a Google account
  2. Accept the terms of service. This only needs to be done by one resident in order to activate the thermostat. 
  3. Allow Latch to access the thermostat.

Currently, thermostats must be activated by connecting a Google account within 30 days of installing and provisioning the device. After 30 days, the thermostat is disconnected. To reactivate the thermostat, contact








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