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Do Latch devices take photos?


Do Latch devices take photos?

We designed Latch devices so you can easily and securely enter your space and share access with those you trust. For peace of mind, some Latch devices have a camera on their exterior that takes photos in specific situations while preserving your privacy, so you can check who entered your space and when (Latch C, Latch M, and Latch R). The Latch C2, current Latch M, Latch T and E-Genius Powered by Latch do not have a camera.

When are photos taken at private unit doors?

  • Latch devices with cameras on private unit doors only take photos under specific circumstances, namely during a failed/incorrect doorcode attempt and when someone uses a daily doorcode. Latch devices at private unit doors do not capture photos during Latch App (Bluetooth) unlocks, mechanical key unlocks, keycard unlocks, or doorcode unlocks that are not 24-hour daily doorcodes (i.e. no photos are taken if a user utilizes the doorcode provided with Latch App access).

When are photos taken at public doors?

  • For the security of the building, Latch devices at common area/public doors take photos of the following unlock events regardless of user type (resident, guest, accounts with property management permissions): Latch App (Bluetooth) unlocks, 24-hour daily doorcode unlocks, and doorcode unlocks that are not tied to 24-hour daily doorcodes.

Who can see the photos?

If you have resident status, photos at your private unit door are visible only to you, other users with resident status at your private unit door, and authorized building personnel.

Note: The lens on the R, M, and C devices is not capable of taking video.

Is there an interior camera on my Latch device? Can Latch see inside my apartment?

No, there is no interior camera on any Latch device, and Latch cannot see inside your apartment. 

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