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Who can view my access history? How long is this data stored for?

If you have resident status at a private unit door, your activity history at your private door is not visible nor shared with anyone at your property, including landlords or property managers. For the safety of the building, activity by all users at common doors (regardless of user status and including residents) is captured and visible to property management staff. Activity by all users who do not have resident status (e.g., residents’ guests and users of 24 hour doorcodes) at private unit doors is visible to the resident of that unit as well as property management staff. 

Any available access logs (for buildings outside of New York City) will be retained for a two-year retention period. This is to ensure that you’ll have access to a history of who entered your space and when (including landlords, property managers, and building staff), which helps resolve disputes if and when they occur. Activity logs older than two years will be depersonalized two years after they are generated.

While we strive to capture all access events, in limited instances, we may experience unintentional loss of access event data that is associated with the operation of our products. Such expected access event data loss may limit your ability to view certain access events.

What if I don’t want my property manager to see my guest access?

Unfortunately, property managers need to be able to view your guests’ access history to maintain the safety and security of the building and everyone in it.  

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