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Can I request to see the data that Latch collects about my access history, or delete my data?

If you have or had Latch access in either California, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, or Connecticut  

You may be entitled to (now or later this year, depending on when the state’s privacy law takes effect) certain consumer rights with respect to your personal information. Under these state privacy laws, a “business” or “data controller” that either (a) collected your data or (b) caused your data to be collected by a “service provider” or “data processor” would have an obligation to fulfill a verified consumer privacy request. In most cases (e.g., your building and unit access), Latch acts as a “service provider” or “data processor” on behalf of its customers (property owners and managers) that act as “businesses” or “data controllers.” In this capacity, Latch cannot action any privacy requests directly, and you need to direct your data rights requests to your property owner or manager. In some circumstances, after receiving your request, our customer may ask us for help in fulfilling it, including by asking us to directly provide you with a copy of your personal information. In that case, for your protection, we will need to verify your identity before we can provide the personal information to you. You may find additional details in our Privacy Policy

In limited circumstances, Latch may act as a “business” or “data controller,” where you have a direct relationship with Latch (e.g., a WeWork membership that you purchased directly from Latch). In these rare circumstances, Latch will action your privacy rights request directly when you send us a request to  

If you do not have or did not previously have Latch access in California, Colorado, Virginia, Utah, or Connecticut

You do not have a statutory right to access or delete your personal information collected by Latch. That being said, you can always view your access logs in the Latch App and know that Latch depersonalizes door access information in accordance with its retention schedule (90 days from the day of record creation for properties in New York City and 2 years from the day of record creation for properties anywhere else). You may find additional details in our Privacy Policy.

Canada Data Subject Requests

For users in Canada, you are entitled to access personal information that we have collected, used, or disclosed about you. If you'd like to make a request, please send a request to Upon verifying your identity, we will respond to your request within thirty (30) days. If we need additional time in order to respond to your request, we will notify you and explain the reasons for the additional time.

Law Enforcement/Legal Request

If you are requesting records pursuant to a subpoena, court order, or other legal process, please send the request and supporting documentation to and cc

Emergency Request

If you have security or safety concerns that require investigation of access activity at your private unit door, you may contact us directly, stating your concern, explaining why the access activity information you see in the Latch App is not sufficient to address your concern, and making a specific request. If you have not done so prior to contacting us, we will involve your property manager, as necessary, to help address your request. To make a request, email with your name and Latch account email or call us on our toll-free telephone line: 1-877-890-2221 (operates on East Coast business hours).

We note that while Latch strives to capture all access events, in limited instances, we may experience unintentional loss of access log data that is associated with the operation of our products. Such expected access log data loss may limit your ability to view certain access events. 

Please review our Privacy Policy for further information on how Latch handles consumer privacy rights requests.


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