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How does Latch Concierge Pro work?

Latch Concierge Pro experience for Delivery Personnel

When delivery personnel use the front entrance to deliver a package, they'll use the Latch Intercom to call our Virtual Doorman who quickly validates and grants secure access to the building. Once inside, the courier is directed to drop the packages into the Package Room or the designated drop-off area. The courier can then exit the building to continue on with their other deliveries

Latch Concierge Pro experience for Property Management

Property Managers receive a weekly detailed report of all delivered packages from our Virtual Doorman. This report allows the Property Manager to audit deliveries and perform inventory management. Property Managers can use the Latch Scanner located in the Manager App to scan delivered packages. Property Managers can then send residents a personalized notification of delivery.

Latch Concierge Pro experience for Residents

The package courier will utilize the Intercom to contact our Virtual Doorman, who will verify the caller's identity. If approved, our Virtual Doorman grants the caller access and monitors the package drop off in the package room via camera. Once the delivery is complete, Latch sends you the resident notification so they can retrieve the package at their convenience.

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