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What happens during a property wide power outage?

Latch M, C, C2, and E-Genius

Latch M, Latch C, and Latch C2 are all battery-powered and will work as normal in the event of a property-wide power outage. Learn more about managing battery life here. If your M Series (Generation 2) is wired and there is an outage, the device will switch to battery power automatically. When power comes back on, it will switch back to wired power.

Latch R

Latch R requires a constant power connection in order to work. In the event of power loss, due to a property-wide outage, for example, it is important that it is immediately updated once power resumes. Failing to update the device after power loss may cause disruption to guest access and Schedules.

Fail-safe and fail-secure

It is important that the R is correctly wired and programmed in order to fail-safe (stay unlocked) or fail-secure (stay locked) in the event of power loss based on the hardware at the door where the R Device is installed. Please consult your property installer for guidance.

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