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Installing a Latch Device

As you prepare to install Latch devices, you'll want to run through the following checklist. If you did not purchase software with your Latch device, you can skip to step 4 and simply install the hardware at your door.

1. Verify the property management team has completed pre-installation steps.

If you've purchased software with your Latch device, you'll want to ensure the property management team (or install team) has completed the steps in this article to ensure the hardware installation goes smoothly.

2. Ensure you have device management permissions at the property where you're installing devices.

A portfolio manager will need to provide you with device management permissions, which will generate an invitation to create an account and download the Latch Manager App (if you have not done so already). 

3. Download the Latch Manager Application on an iOS device. If you already have the Latch Manager App, ensure you've updated to the latest version.

To activate a Latch device, you'll need to download the Latch Manager App, currently only available on iOS devices. If you've already downloaded the Latch Manager App, ensure you're running on the latest version. 

4. Determine if you will be assigning the device to previously created digital doors or if you'll be creating new doors and keys during the installation.

You'll want to know if digital doors have been created ahead of installation as this will inform the choices you make when adding a door. Specifically, when you add a new device, you can create a new door or assign the device to an existing digital door. If doors have not been created, we recommend creating them or working with the property management team to do so (complete the steps in this article). 

5. Identify and download the correct Cut Sheet and Installation Guide for the device(s) you are installing. Ensure you have all tools necessary for the installation.

Each Latch Device has a corresponding cut sheet and an installation guide to walk you through the installation process. To locate these guides, navigate to the product within the installation section of this knowledge base and choose the product you're installing. From there, you'll see the guide and cut sheet. Additionally, you may review the Runbook for your product, also located on the Support page for installations.

6. Install your Latch device according to the installation guide.

Be sure to follow all steps in the Installation Guides. 

7. Activate the Latch device using the Latch Manager App

Detailed activation steps can be found in this article

8. Complete two test unlocks

You will have access to the door for 24 hours; before moving to the next door, you'll want to perform two test unlocks using the Latch Manager App to ensure the door is installed correctly and locking/unlocking as expected. 

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