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Latch R - Elevator Floor Access (EFA)

Before integrating an EFA system, please reach out to Latch Support for assistance at

Elevator Floor Access (EFA) allows a credential to be required to reach certain floors, increasing security. 


  • Floor Group Table: The Property Manager must work with Latch to set up floor access ahead of installation. Latch will then generate a Floor Group Table to be programmed into the access control panel being used for elevators. This will be displayed in the Manager App after the R is activated.
  • Third-party access controller: The panel must be able to receive a 26-bit Wiegand credential. If the property requires scheduling or floors to be unlocked during certain hours, this needs to be supported by the access controller. The installer must be comfortable working with the access controller and it must be on Latch’s approved list. For installers wishing to use access controllers not on this list Latch will minimally support the installation/configuration of the panel.
  • Internet: Internet must be provided to the Rs. If an R is installed inside a cab, access to the internet must be provided via Ethernet through transceivers with a coax cable running in the traveling cable. 

Wiring Requirements

Programming the Latch R 

  • Activating the Latch R
    • During the activation process make sure to select FW Version 3.1x.xx
  • Configuration
    • Internet is mandatory for all EFA installations.
    • Go to the Device Detail page after the activation process.
    • Go to the Settings page.
    • Configure Ethernet or WiFi.
    • Save changes

Programming the Access Panel

  • Floor Groups that mirror the Latch Cloud must be created in the panel. Refer to the Floor Lookup Table on the Device Detail page in the Manager App.
  • The Floor Lookup Table contains the following:
    • Floor Group Name: This corresponds with the User Name field in most panels.
    • Facility Code and ID Code: Put together this is the Wiegand code.
    • Floors: The floors that belong to this Floor Group.

Example of a Floor Lookup Table

Testing EFA

  1. Prior to the day of installation, the Property Manager must create an account for each Floor Group, assign each account a different Floor Group, and give access to each of the accounts to the Integrator.
  2. Before presenting a credential, test the elevator by making sure that all of the necessary floors are locked.
  3. Present the credential for the first Floor Group.
    1. Confirm that all of the necessary floors are unlocked. 
    2. Example: If the first Floor Group has access to floors 2 and 3, verify that floors 2 and 3 are unlocked.
  4. Continue this process for each Floor Group, including the Daily Doorcode Floor Group.
  5. After testing is complete, the Property Manager should delete each of the accounts created for testing.
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