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Relock Configurations

Relock Timing Configurations

The Latch R can be configured to re-lock after 5 or 10s. This is to ensure the control of guest entry. If you'd like to set the door to stay open for a period of time for uncontrolled entry, please see our article on Door Schedules. Note: The Latch R is an access control device and as such it does not re-lock the lock but change the state of the device. If there is an issue with the locking mechanism, please reach out to your channel partner.

Configuring the Latch R

To configure the Latch R's relock time, please follow the steps below. Note, you will need to be at the door so that the configuration can update via bluetooth. Remote configuration is not available.

1. Open Latch Manager App.

2. Navigate to the correct Property and Portfolio.

3. Select the door you'd like to configure.

4. Press 'Configure.'

5. Choose either 5s or 10s options.

6. Press 'Save.'

Relock on other devices

All other latch access devices have a set re-credential period. Note: All devices with a * do not explicitly relock but require an unlock in order to change the state of the device. The relock timing mentioned here is the time under which a new unlock is not required to change the device state.

Device Relock Setting
C2* 10s
C1* 10s
M 10s/When Shut
T* 10s
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