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Linking a Jasco Light Switch with Latch

This guide assumes the Jasco light switch is already installed and functioning manually. This can be verified by manually pressing the on and off buttons, and verifying that the light behaves as expected. If this is not the case, check Jasco's support page, or contact an electrical professional for assistance.

Getting Started

To add a Jasco light switch to LatchOS, the unit the switch will be added to must already be created in Mission Control, and have a Latch Hub installed, since the Latch Hub will provide the network for the light switch to join. The Latch Hub must be powered and online during this process. You must also ensure that the light switch is not already registered in the Latch Manager app. If an entry for the device already exists in the Smart Devices tab of the Latch Manager app, select the device and deactivate it before attempting to pair again. 

Adding a Light Switch to the Latch Hub's Network

Each Jasco Light Switch has a QR code on the packaging, and on the bottom right corner of the front of the product. This QR code contains the pairing information LatchOS needs to add the light switch to the Latch Hub's network. From the Add Device screen in the Latch Manager app, scan this QR code and select the property, unit and room that the light switch is installed in. Name the light switch something that would allow a resident to distinguish between this light switch, and others that may be installed in the unit.

Before tapping the Pair button on the following screen, press the top button on the light switch 10 times. This will put the light switch into pairing mode. You will know the light switch is successful in this state if the light it is controlling turns off, and the LED begins to blink.

If pairing is unsuccessful, tapping the top button on the light switch 10 times can restart the process. If you are using the QR code on the packaging, be sure to check that you are scanning the correct QR code. And remember, there will be a copy on the front of the light switch if the packaging QR code is not working as expected.

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