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Troubleshooting Two-Factor Authentication


I cannot receive the authentication code

If you've turned on Two-Factor Authentication for yourself, or your Portfolio Manager has enforced it for all Portfolio and Property Managers in your Portfolio, you will need to enter an authentication code sent to your phone, every time you attempt to login to Latch Mission Control. If you have lost your phone, or your phone number has changed before you could change it in Latch Mission Control, contact us at for guidance on getting into your account.


I want to change the phone number used for Two-Factor Authentication

  1. Navigate to your name in the top right corner of Latch Mission Control
  2. Tap 'My Account'
  3. Tap 'Security Settings' under Two-Factor Authentication
  4. Tap 'Change phone number'
  5. Enter the authentication code sent to your existing phone number
  6. Enter your new phone number
  7. Enter the authentication code sent to your new phone number




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