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Introduction to Latch

Latch is a smart access platform designed around opening, managing, and sharing spaces in the fastest and most secure way. Latch devices can be installed on every door in a building, which, when coupled with the Latch App and Latch Manager, allow occupants and property managers to unlock and manage every space from their smartphone.

With Latch Manager, property managers can give and revoke access to occupants no matter where they are from a web browser. Once they give access to an occupant in Latch Manager, their occupants will receive an invitation to sign up to Latch. Once they sign up, they can use the Latch App to unlock spaces, and give their visitors such as friends, cleaning services, and more, temporary access with a Doorcode. Just like the property manager, occupants can view a photographic history of who accessed their space.

Occupants can also optionally use a Keycard to unlock their spaces if their smartphone runs out of battery, or they don’t have a compatible smartphone. Keycards are normally handed out upon occupant request, by property management.

This 6-step guide can help you easily get started with Latch to manage your property remotely, share access with visitors such as vendors and services, resolve tenant lockouts remotely, and remove the inefficiencies of traditional key management.

Step 1: Send your purchase order

Step 2: Communicate Latch installation to tenants*

Step 3: Set up your Latch Manager account

Step 4: Set up before Latch device installation

Step 5: Set up construction access

Step 6: Install Latch devices 

*If you have occupants in your building already