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Step 2: Communicate Latch installation to property occupants and construction teams


If you have existing occupants in your property, take a moment to educate them on Latch:

  • Latch is a full-property smart access platform that allows occupants unlock their doors with a smartphone, or Doorcode, and let family, friends, and services (e.g. dog walker, cleaner) even when they’re away. If your occupants don’t have a compatible smartphone or are worried about their smartphones running out of battery, they can also keep a Latch Keycard as a backup.
  • Let them know which doors within the property will be fitted with Latch devices, and the when installation will occur.
  • Assure them that security and privacy is at the core of Latch: Latch devices give occupants peace of mind with; a history of who accessed their space, when they did so, and if it's a guest of theirs, a photo – so they can verify the right person entered. Their comings and goings from their private spaces however are only viewable by them and the Latch will never take a photo of them when entering their space. To keep common areas safe for everyone, property managers are able to see all access history with accompanying photos for the common spaces, much like property security cameras.
  • Construction teams can unlock doors using a physical master key, which needs to be part of your PO order, or with a smartphone, Keycard, or Doorcode, once they are added on Latch Manager. For guidance on adding construction teams on Latch Manager, see Step 4.