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Step 3: Set up your Latch Manager account

Latch Manager is a cloud-based smart access platform designed for property managers to manage who has access to which spaces in their properties. With Latch Manager, you can create doors and Keys, share access with visitors, and monitor the status of Latch devices. Learn more about “Managing Latch at your Building”. 

By setting up your Latch Manager account, you will also be able to install Latch devices, and perform firmware upgrades and door updates from the Manager App.


1. Identify the Latch Onsite Admin

The Latch Onsite Admin is the individual given ownership of Latch Manager, as outlined in your Software Agreement.


2. Set up other property staff as Account Owners/ Building Admin 

This allows more of your building staff to manage access. Administrators can create, delete, give, and revoke access from occupants and visitors, but unlike account owners, they cannot create other account owners or administrators, and may only have purview over select properties in the account’s property portfolio.