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Step 4: Get everything ready before installation


Whether you have existing occupants or it’s a new construction project, we suggest you first set up doors and Keys for the most efficient and seamless installation. Otherwise, if you give a new occupant access, activate a new Keycard for the door, or assign the associated door to a Key after the Latch device is installed, you will need to perform a door update with the Latch Manager App.


1. Identify the different door types 

Door types are important for ordering the doors in your app and ensuring the correct privacy level for occupants and visitors.


2. Create doors 

To make it easier to manage your access, Latch devices need to be connected to a door. We recommend creating doors in advance so that during installation of a Latch device, installers can easily assign the correct door the Latch device.


3. Delete doors 

Ensure only the correct doors are created and delete any duplicates.


4. Make Keys 

Keys contain one or more doors and are what you give to occupants or visitors to enable their access to a certain space.


5. Add People to the Latch App 

If you already have occupants, invite them prior to installing the Latch to ensure they have access immediately upon successful installation. This ensures there is no disruption in your occupant’ access to their space which is a legal requirement in some territories. You can also quickly add all your users by bulk uploading them with a csv file .


6. Bulk Import Residents 

It’s more efficient for you to import all your residents in one go.



7. Issue Keycards 

Set up Keycards for occupants or construction teams that do not wish to use the Latch app, require a backup credential, or do not have an email. Depending on if the individual is using the Latch app, we suggest different processes when issuing their Keycard.