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Step 1: Send your purchase order and software agreement


1. Verify and Submit your Project Registration & Software Agreement 

Latch devices are delivered per specification on the initial purchase order. If you need a master key for your construction site, please ensure it is noted on your PO. Locks are delivered per spec on PO. For appropriate handing, color, master key, etc, this must be requested on the initial PO.

All items on the Software Agreement must be filled out for a successful implementation. The Latch Onsite Admin on the Software Agreement is the individual responsible for Latch implementation.

Once we receive a Purchase Order alongside Project Registration Subscription Agreement, we will fulfill your order and provide tracking. For information on lead times please contact your rep.

2. Identify the Latch Onsite Admin in your Software Agreement

The Latch On Site Admin will be made the Portfolio Manager of Latch Manager. Unlike Property Managers, Portfolio Managers can create additional Property Managers, doors, and Keys.

3. On the Software Agreement, identify the Latch Installer 

This installer will receive specific permissions and training to successfully install Latch devices within the property.