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Step 6: Install Latch devices


Once you have permission to install Latch devices, you are ready to mount and activate a Latch on a door. Installers will have access to any Latch they have installed for 24 hours in order to test that the Latch correctly unlocks. Should installers need prolonged access, they will need to be given longer access through Latch Manager.  


1. Mechanical Installation: Latch R, Latch M , Latch C

Mount the Latch device on the door.

2. Activate the Latch

This connects the Latch with Latch Manager which enables all digital features including smartphone, Doorcode, and Keycard unlocking, as well as access sharing and access log capture.

3. Prepare for Turnover 

Your property management team will need to delete construction keys and teams, and prepare to manage access for occupants and visitors in time for property turnover, once construction finishes.