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Key Management

Here you can choose the level of Key management permissions a Manager will have. 

On a Manager’s contact card you will see a section for ‘Key Management’.  From there, you can select ‘Add Property’ to add a property to that Manager's permissions.  When viewing this property, you will see at a glance the number of total keys within the property.

Permission Levels

You will then need to select the level of key management permission you would like to assign to the Manager:

Full Key Management:  Managers can create, edit, delete, give, and revoke all existing and future Keys.  This is the default permission level for all Portfolio Managers. This is the only permission level that allows for creating, editing, and deleting Keys. This permission also allows the Manager to view access logs.

Limited Key Management:  Managers can only give and revoke existing and future keys. No creating, editing, or deleting permissions. This permission also allows the Manager to view access logs.

Specific Key Management: Managers can only give and revoke specific Keys designated to the Manager. If Specific permission is selected, you will then be prompted to select the specific keys within a given property that the manager can give and revoke. This permission also allows the Manager to view access logs only for those specifically selected doors.

Note: Remember that Key management is not the same thing as Key access. If you would like to give Key access to a Manager, you will need to 'Add a Key' to that Manager.

Deliveries Key

You may also see a ‘Deliveries’ Key within your portfolio.  If you have this Key, your Portfolio Manager has opted in for automated deliveries with UPS and other national carriers.  This Key allows those logistics partners to seamlessly deliver packages into your property. The Deliveries Key is managed by Latch and cannot be edited or deleted by anyone, including Portfolio Managers.