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What is Latch Mission Control and what does it do?


With Latch Mission Control, you can give and revoke access to every Latch device in your building, straight from your web browser. Within Latch Mission Control, you’ll see People, Keys, Doors, and Activity. These sections enable you to add your building occupants, set up the correct Keys for your Doors, and monitor the individuals coming in and leaving your building.


  • People: These are the individuals you’re inviting to Latch and whom you plan to give access to.
  • Keys: If you want to give someone access to a door, you need to give them a Key. You can group one or more doors into a Key, set a schedule for when the doors can be unlocked, and whether that Key can be shared.
  • Doors: Every Latch device for the different spaces within the building is identified in Latch Mission Control under Doors.
  • Activity: Monitor who has been coming and going between your spaces and see the series of access events. Latch devices only record the access history of guests. See here for full security and privacy terms.
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