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What does Managing Latch look like?


Building management with Latch is designed to be simple, while also recognizing the different individuals and spaces you’ll need to give access to. To support a seamless experience, learn how to use the basics within Latch Mission Control - People, Keys, and Doors - which have already been introduced in “What is Latch Mission Control and what does it do?“.

1. Managing People

2. Managing Keys

  • Group one or more doors, and set a schedule for when those doors may be unlocked. You share access with people by giving them a Key or a set of Keys.

3. Managing Doors

  • Every Latch device within the building can be found in Latch Mission Control under the "Doors" menu. Use this menu to create and delete doors to match your building. Door updates help you troubleshoot Latch device issues, keep your audit trail up to date, and ensure the devices have the latest feature fixes.
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