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Adding Doors


What is a Door?

Doors are the building blocks of Latch Missin Control. With Doors, you can create Door groups—called Keys—and invite people to the Latch App. 

Each Latch device must have a corresponding digital Door in Latch Mission Control, including unit doors, amenities, and public entrances. Clearly name your Doors to correspond with the names of your building’s physical doors. The name of your Doors will appear in the Latch App and can be seen by residents.

Learn how to create doors


Door Types

  • Building Entrance: These Doors are common entry points like front entrances, hallways, stairwells, and other spaces that your residents may need to access to get to and from their private door.
  • Residence: These Doors are entrances to someone’s private space like an apartment, and are typically for the Latch M or C.
  • Communal: These Doors are amenity spaces and management offices.
  • Service: These Doors are typically maintenance closets or other spaces reserved for technical and maintenance teams.

Often, Latch R's are made "Building Entrances" and the Latch M and C are made "Residences," but it varies from building to building.

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