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Creating Keys


What is a Key?

A Key is a group of Doors. By making and assigning Keys, you can grant access to multiple Doors in one motion. Any updates made to Keys will be reflected for everyone who has been invited to have access, all in one step.

Learn how to create Keys.


Once a Key has been made and all the Doors have been activated, you can set specific schedules. For example, if you have a gym Door within an amenity Key, and the gym is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day, you can assign those hours to that particular Key. 

Learn how to add schedules.


How can I use Keys?

There are many different ways to use Keys to provide access at your property. You can group Doors and name Keys however you’d like—a few suggested uses include:

  • Resident Unit Key: Add the unit door (i.e. Unit 1A) to a Key, and then name the Key “Resident 1A.” You should only invite residents who live in this unit to the Key. 
  • Common Door Key: Add all of your communal doors—like the front door, other building entrances, and laundry room—to a Common Door Key. Then, add every resident to the Key so they can access all the spaces they need in the building.
  • Amenities Key: All amenities, like a gym, roof, media room, and more can be grouped together in one Key. You can also add a schedule to any of those Doors to reflect the appropriate hours. If the cost of building amenities is included, the Key can be granted to everyone. If amenities are an additional cost, you can invite only the residents who have opted in to that Key.
  • Manager Key: Let managers easily move throughout the building with a Manager Key. Add all the Doors a manager may need, and give access to necessary building staff. If different groups of managers need access to different Doors, you can create multiple Keys—one for each group.
  • Leasing Key: A leasing Key should contain all the public entrance, model, and vacant Doors in your building. Once the team members are invited to this Key, you can ensure that they always have access to only vacant units by editing which doors are included in this Key.
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