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Managing Your Portfolio


Creating Managers

Managing your portfolio means deciding who on your team needs to help manage the successful installation and management of Latch. Before Latch devices are installed at your property, identify who will be activating the devices. Make sure that person is invited as a device manager. If you need someone else to perform the set up of the building, you can make them either a Portfolio Manager or Full Property Manager. 

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Portfolio vs. Property Manager:

Portfolio Manager: Portfolio Managers can invite and revoke people, create and edit any Key, Door, or schedule, utilize the Manager App for installation and maintenance, and create other Portfolio and Property Managers.

Property Manager: Property Managers have a variety of responsibilities depending on their role at your building.

Permission Levels:

  • Full Key Management: Can create, edit, delete, give, and revoke all existing and future Keys. This also allows the manager to view access history. For example, this is usually given to assistant property managers.
  • Limited Key Management: Can only give and revoke existing and future Keys. Cannot create, edit, or delete Keys or Doors, but can view access history. This is often given to front desk staff or the building concierge.
  • Specific Key Management: Can only give and revoke select Keys. If this level is selected, you will then be prompted to select the Keys that this manager can give, revoke, and view access history. This manager level is used for leasing teams and third-party services.
  • Device Management: Can download the Manager App, see battery life and Door updates, upgrade software, and install and uninstall devices. This manager level is for installers and maintenance teams.

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