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Can I request to see the data that Latch collects about my access history, or delete my data?

You can easily see a copy of the personal information we have collected as well as the categories of information that we have shared with our service providers. You can also request us to delete your personal information.


Email with your name and Latch account email or call us on our toll-free telephone line: 1-877-890-2221 (operates on East Coast business hours) and we will process your request.


When we delete your personal information, we will not be able to delete all of your personal information right away for security, debugging, and legal and compliance reasons. We may also be unable to fulfill your request if doing so would interfere with a law enforcement request, inhibit a fraud investigation, or jeopardise the security of other users. You may designate an authorized agent to make requests on your behalf. To do so, we will request a signed letter from you verifying who your designated authorized agent is as well as government ID proving the identity of your authorized agent. 


Your personal information is highly sensitive so to carry out a download or deletion, we’ll need to verify your identity by asking you to provide a few pieces of information such as your Latch account contact information, government ID, a verification code, or further identifying information. If we are unable to verify your identity, we may not be able to complete your request. 


When you request your information to be deleted, you’ll also need to first ensure that you don’t have any active access to a space as we don’t want to accidentally stop your access to your home or workplace. Similarly if you’re a property manager, you’ll need to ask your Portfolio Manager to remove your Latch Manager access. Once that’s done, we’ll immediately delete all of your access history at your apartment door, delete your contact information, and halt all communications to you.


For building security purposes, your access history in the common spaces is retained for 90 days after you request deletion, after which they are anonymized. All personal information that relates to you will be deleted at this time making you untraceable in the Latch system. There may be some of your personal information such as access logs that remain on Latch devices. Because Latch devices in your building are owned by your property, it is the responsibility of your property management to update those devices. Doing so, will ensure any remnants of your personal information on those devices is deleted.


You may read our full privacy policy at