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Restricting guest access to amenities and other sensitive spaces

Property managers can disable doorcodes and access sharing to restrict guests from entering certain amenity spaces. Spaces with disabled doorcodes and access sharing will still allow residents to use their Latch App or keycard to unlock these spaces without any further action.

These settings can be adjusted within Latch Manager to allow for more tailored access management.

Turn off "May Share Key"

When inviting a resident in Latch Manager, you can disable the “May Share Key” feature for certain amenity spaces. 

To disable this feature, navigate to the resident’s detail page.

  1. Select “Keys”
  2. Select the Key that you would like to turn off access sharing for
  3. Select “Edit”
  4. Turn off “May Share Key” 
  5. Save your changes

Once changes are saved, residents will no longer be able to share access with guests for designated doors. 

How to disable doorcodes

Property managers can disable doorcodes to prevent residents from sharing their personal doorcodes with guests to access certain amenity spaces. 

When disabling this feature, this will deactivate doorcode access for all doors in a Key, and it’s important to ensure the Key does not contain doors that residents should have doorcode access to such as the building entrance or their individual unit. 

In this case, property managers should create a separate Key for just amenity doors or doors that residents should not access with doorcodes.

To disable this feature: 

  1. When creating a new Key, ensure that “Provide Doorcodes” is turned off during the Creating Keys step. 
  2. For existing Keys, simply navigate to the desired Key and tap “Edit.”