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Unlocking with the Latch App for Apple Watch

How do I unlock a door with the Latch App for Apple Watch?

You can unlock a device in one of two ways:

1. Hold your wrist to the Latch device.


2. Scroll down in the app to quickly access your personal doorcodes.



How do I view my doorcodes in the Latch App for Apple Watch?

Once you open the Latch App for Apple Watch, scroll down past the “Hold near to unlock“ screen to view your permanent doorcodes.


The unlock is taking too long. What do I do?

If your watch is taking more than 15 seconds to unlock and you are not receiving an error message, then it is possible that the Latch device is updating. If your screen goes to sleep, simply tap to continue the unlocking process. If you are still having issues accessing or unlocking your Latch device,  please contact

Do I need my phone with me to use this app?

No, the Latch App for Apple Watch uses Bluetooth to unlock so you can still unlock without your mobile device. However, if your access has recently changed, you may need to unlock using an internet connection. If you have a non-LTE Apple Watch, that means you may need to use your smartphone to unlock.

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