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Unlocking with Android NFC

What is Android NFC and how do I turn it on?

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a specialized protocol for objects to communicate with one another. It works within a few inches, making it a particularly reliable and fast way to unlock Latch locks. It is also the protocol used for things like Latch Keycard, Apple and Google Pay, and everyday key fobs.

If you are using the latest version of the Latch App for Android, NFC is automatically turned on. Please note, your phone will only use NFC if the lock you're trying to unlock is running the latest firmware version. If the lock does not have a supported firmware version, the Android Latch App will default to Bluetooth unlock.


Why is NFC available on Android but not iOS?

Unfortunately, Apple does not currently allow NFC to be used to unlock doors. We’re continuing to work hard to make this feature available for Latch iOS users.


My Android phone is not using NFC to unlock.

If you’re not using the latest version of the Latch App or if the lock you’re trying to unlock is not on the latest firmware version, then the Latch App will default to using Bluetooth to unlock.


Can I turn off NFC?

You can turn off NFC under Settings. Once off, your Latch App will use Bluetooth to unlock your door.


What is unlock from background?

Using NFC, you may be able to unlock your door without unlocking your phone or opening the Latch App. To do so, you must have the latest version of the Latch App for Android and your Latch devices must run the latest firmware version.

You can opt in to unlock from background in Settings.


Why can I unlock some doors from the background and not others?

Latch devices must be running the latest firmware to be unlocked from the background. You can check which devices have a supported firmware version in Settings.


What if my phone gets lost or stolen and unlock from background is enabled?

Depending on your device and the version of the Android operating system, you may be able to remotely wipe and restore your Android phone. Please check with your device manufacturer and Google’s Android support.

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