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Inductive Jumpstart: Powering a C2 if the batteries fail


The battery level of your Latch C2 updates passively after unlocking with the Latch App or actively after updating the device.  In the unlikely event that the batteries fail before you can replace them, you can power the Latch C2 with a Qi-compatible power bank following the steps below:

  • Step 1 - Get a Qi power bank (such as the one linked here or a compatible 2-way power share enabled phone). 
  • Step 2 - Turn the power bank on and hold the charging coil over the center of the lens.  Note that charging coils vary from device to device, but the center is a good bet.  It is ok if you need to rotate the thumb turn slightly to get it over the center.  

  • Step 3 - You will hear a buzz as the C2 boots up. This means you have found the right location.  Keep holding the power bank or phone in power share mode in this location.

  • Step 4 - While continuing to power the lens via the power bank, perform a BLE unlock with a device that has Latch App access to the lock.  You should hear a click as the C2 unlocks.  

  • Step 5 - Once you hear the click, you’re good to remove the power bank and unlock your C2.  

  • Step 6 - Replace the dead batteries before closing and locking the door again.

Watch our Inductive Jumpstart training video here.




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