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Latch Delivery Assistant Resident FAQ

What is Latch’s package room solution?

  • Latch Delivery Assistant combines a suite of existing Latch products into a 24/7 personalized, virtual doorman & access solution. 

  • We monitor your building and package entrance areas, facilitate access for your trusted delivery personnel, and alert you via text or phone notification when you have a package waiting.

How does it work?

  • Latch uses cutting edge security systems and specially trained service representatives to monitor your building’s front door.

  • The package courier will utilize the Intercom to contact our Virtual Doorman, who will verify the caller's identity.

  • If approved, our Virtual Doorman grants the caller access and monitors the package drop off in the package room via camera.

  • Once your delivery is complete, Latch sends you a notification so you can retrieve the package at your convenience.

We use a highly-trained security operations firm with over a decade of experience to monitor your building.


I'm not getting text notifications for package deliveries - what should I do?

Please verify the phone number associated with your Latch account. For additional help, contact your Property Manager.


How do I change the phone number used for my notifications?

Contact your property manager to update your contact information.


Can I get notifications to more than one phone number?

Notifications are sent to the phone associated with your Latch account. At this time, only one phone number can be associated with a Latch account.


How long can my package remain in the package room?

This is determined by your building’s Property Management. Please reach out to them directly to confirm policies & procedures.

I can’t open the package room - what can I do?

I received a delivery notification but when I checked the package room there was no package - what can I do?

  • Please verify the tracking and shipping information from your courier to confirm that the details match your delivery notification date.

  • If you cannot locate your package, please reach out to your Property Manager to see if they have additional information.

  • If you’re still unable to locate your package, consider filing a claim with the courier responsible for delivering your package.

How do I contact the company responsible for delivering my package?




OnTrac –

Laser Ship –


Amazon –

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