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Managing Latch Bookings

Latch Bookings enables residents to reserve designated rooms and resources at their property, at any time, from the convenience of the Latch App.

Property Managers can create as many bookable resources or spaces as needed and manage a seamless end-to-end booking experience for their property. Residents can browse and book these resources directly from their Latch App and managers do not need to install any additional hardware.


Creating a Bookable Resource / Space

Once the Bookings feature is available for a property, a new option under 'Manage Settings' will appear for Bookings."To create a new Bookable resource/space:

1. Navigate to 'Manage Settings,' select 'Bookings' then choose Create Resource.


2. Create a Schedule:

A schedule reflects the days and hours when resources will be available for residents to book. Selecting specific days will allow those resources to be booked on only those days (Example: Monday - Friday or Saturday-Sunday).

For each individual day, a unique schedule can be configured. Breaks in the available time slots can be added by clicking the + button on the right of a specific day (for example lunch breaks or other blackout periods). Clicking on “Copy to all copies whatever schedule is set for the first day across all other days selected.


3. Determine Time Slot Settings as Needed:

These are the minimum individual time slots that will be available to residents to book.  

  • Max Time Slots: This is the total number of time slots an individual resident may book the resource/space per day. For example, if Max Time Slots is set to '4' with a 30-minute time slot duration, then a resident would be able to book up to 4 slots for a 30-minute time period each, for a total of 2 hours a day.
  • Max Concurrent Bookings: This is the total number of time slots that different residents can book a resource/space at the same time. This should be used when there is more than one bookable resource/space that does not need to be uniquely identified, for example, if there are four treadmills in the gym. Setting this value to '4' would avoid having to create four individual resources that need to be tracked and managed in Latch Manager.
  • Furthest Booking in Advance: This is the furthest in the future a resident can book a resource/space.

4. Add any Additional Information related to the Resource/Space:

Any additional information or notes added here will be displayed to the resident who books this resource/space.


5. Complete Resource Creation:

Click “Create Resource” to save these settings and create the new resource/space.


Managing Bookings

Property Managers can view an overview of all bookings by navigating to 'Manage Settings' and choosing 'Bookings.' From this page, managers can edit/delete a resource, view Booking information in detail for a specific resource, or cancel bookings.

The overview page shows the following:

  • Time Slots: This is the total number of currently active bookings happening right now.

  • Time Slot Duration: This is the time slot setting configured for this resource/space.

  • Total Bookings: This is the total number of Bookings made for this resource/space since it was created.


Editing or Deleting a Bookable Resource/Space: 

To edit or delete bookable resources/spaces, select a resource from the list. From there, you can either select “Edit” in the top right and make any necessary changes or choose “Delete resource” at the bottom of the page under the Info tab for that resource/space.

  • Please note, if you delete a resource/space or edit the schedule, all future bookings that residents have already created for that resource/space will be canceled. Residents will be notified in the Bookings section of the Latch app and via email that their booking has been canceled. 


Viewing Bookings for a Resource/Space:

To view the upcoming schedule for a resource/space, select it from the Bookings overview page, then select the 'Schedule' tab on that resource page


Canceling a specific booking:

To cancel a resident's booking without removing all future bookings, for example, due to required maintenance or repairs, navigate to Resource/Space from the Bookings overview page, then select the 'Schedule' tab. From there, choose the specified day and time slot you'd like to cancel and select "Revoke.” This will cancel this resident’s booking and notify them in the Latch App.





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