Getting Started

Password Change and Password Reset Living with Latch Step 1: Set up your account Step 2: Create your Latch Account Step 3: Unlock Latch Tips See all

Latch App

I cannot find the Android App Supported and Recommended Phones iOS Widgets Reorder Doors in the Latch App Booking Spaces or Resources with the Latch App Latch App Firmware Upgrades See all

Unlocking and Locking Your Latch Device

Ways to unlock Setting up Latch Keycard If your Latch Keycard is lost or stolen Unlocking with Android NFC Unlocking with the Latch App for Apple Watch Elevator Floor Access for Residents See all

Sharing Access

How do I let a guest in? See all

Security & Privacy

Where can I view my history? Can I revoke temporary doorcodes? What if I don’t want my property manager to see my guest access? Do Latch devices take video? Is there an interior camera on my Latch device? Can Latch see inside my apartment? Can I request to see the data that Latch collects about my access history, or delete my data? See all

Latch Link

Can I change my name in the Latch Link directory? How do I unlock my front door for guests? How do I receive calls from guests? See all

Latch Camera

The Latch App is not showing a video feed when my guests call. How do I let someone in from a video call? See all

Smart Home Devices

How do I see my Smart Home devices in the Latch App? How do I check if my Smart Home Devices are connected to the internet? How do I check if my Smart Devices are connected to the Internet? Can I control or monitor my Smart Home device settings remotely? Dioramic Controls What should I do next if I'm not seeing all of my Smart Devices listed in the Latch App? See all

Latch Delivery Assistant

Latch Delivery Assistant Resident FAQ What is the Latch Delivery Assistant experience for a Resident? What is the Latch Delivery Assistant? How long can my package remain in the package room? The package room won’t open. What should I do? I'm not getting text notifications for package deliveries. What should I do? See all


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