ePMS Integrations

User Sync Automation Move In, Move Out Automation Set-Up Process See all

Getting Started

What is Latch Manager and what does it do? Introduction Adding Doors Creating Keys Inviting People Managing Your Portfolio See all

Managing Doors

Creating doors What are door types? Key Schedules Door Schedules Deleting a door Door updates See all

Managing Keys

Making Keys Key Management See all

Managing People

How to use Intercom Directory Flexibility Restricting guest access to amenities and other sensitive spaces Adding, removing, and editing people in Latch Manager Importing people from a CSV file How do I ensure people have the correct access? Can I let guests and vendors in remotely with Latch Manager? See all

Managing Smart Home Devices

How do I get Smart Devices set up at my building? How do I prepare for my property's Smart Home device installation? Can property management control the Smart Devices in vacant units? Viewing the Status of Smart Devices at my Building Setting Residents Up to Control the Smart Devices in their Unit See all

Managing Latch Intercom

Adding residents to the Latch Intercom Removing residents from an intercom How do resident names display on the Intercom? Adding Units Can I reorder how Units show on the Latch Intercom? Can I hide certain Units on the Latch Intercom? See all

Managing Keycards

What is the best way to issue keycards? Finding out if your residents have activated a Keycard or have the Latch App See all

Managing a Latch Building

Managing Latch Bookings Reporting and Auditing Platform Door State Notifications What does Managing Latch look like? Maintaining a Latch Building Creating and Deleting Portfolio Managers and Property Managers See all


How to Use Inductive Jumpstart™ Cleaning Devices Inductive Jumpstart: Powering a C2 if the batteries fail How long do batteries last? Changing batteries Firmware Upgrades See all

Manager App

Activating Latch devices with Manager App See all

Latch Delivery Assistant

What is the Latch Delivery Assistant experience for the Delivery Courier? What is the Latch Delivery Assistant experience for a Property Manager? Setting Up the Latch Package Scanner How to Use the Latch Package Scanner Troubleshooting the Latch Package Scanner See all

Latch Camera

How do I know which door has a Latch Camera? If there is a security incident, can I access footage from the video call? See all

RealPage Integration

How does the RealPage and Latch integration work? What resident data is being synced from RealPage? How often does the data from RealPage sync to Latch? How does the RealPage setup work? Is the RealPage data sync secure to ensure data privacy and security for personal information? If I delete a contact from RealPage, will it delete the contact in Latch Manager? See all

Latch Water Sensor

Water Sensor Property Team Troubleshooting See all


How does the setup work? How do I set up fleet scheduling for vacant units? See all

Third Party Licenses

Light & Leak Third Party Licenses & Notices iOS Third Party Licenses & Notices Android Third Party Licenses & Notices Java Third Party Licenses & Notices Javascript Third Party Licenses and Libraries Embedded Third Party Licenses & Notices See all