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Welcome Home l Living with Latch

At Latch, we believe in making your home smarter through carefully designed products that deliver brand new user experiences. Latch is a full building access system that allows you to leave your keys behind and unlock doors with a smartphone, or Doorcode. Additionally, you can easily share access with your friends, family, and services, like cleaning, by sending them Doorcodes via the Latch App. The Latch Lens also takes pictures of your guests to provide a history of who entered your space and when.*

Learn how to get started with a few easy steps.

*Keycard and mechanical key are available as back up options depending on your building’s policy.

Step 1: Set up your account


To be set up with Latch, you will need to share your preferred email address with your property manager. Your property manager will invite you to Latch; once they do, you will receive an email that will guide you in creating your password and finish setting up your Latch account.

Step 2: Create your Latch Account


Within the Welcome Email from Latch, there is a link that directs you to create your Latch account and then to download and log into the Latch App.

Latch Tips

1. Access Sharing 

For guests who are dropping in for a moment, you can “Let Someone In” by giving them a 15 Minutes Doorcode. If you have a service person who you’re expecting to come by for a full day of home repairs, try our Single Day Doorcode. Send them Doorcodes via text or email.

For more flexible access, invite your guests like family, friends, or partners to download the Latch App. By sharing the Latch App, you can give custom access start and end times no matter where you are.


2. Change Doorcode Access

Your unique seven digit Doorcode was designed with security in mind. Currently, you cannot change your Doorcodes but if you think they’ve been compromised, please contact us at to have them reset.


3. Security and Privacy

Latch products are designed to give residents peace of mind. Latch devices only take photos of guests. The comings and goings of a resident in their private spaces is only viewable by them; the Latch device will never take a photo of residents when they are entering their home.

To keep common areas safe for everyone, access at common doors are captured, much like building security cameras.


4. Maintenance

Every Latch device is designed with a Latch Lens to audit guests entering your space. To download the latest updates of guest access events, stand next to your Latch and update your door.

Latch devices are designed to require a battery change once every year. Your property manager can monitor the battery level under “Doors” in the Latch App menu and they will receive a notification if your battery is running low.


5. End of Lease and/or Transition of Apartment Ownership

If applicable, deactivate your Keycard before returning it to your property manager or giving it to the new apartment unit resident. Keycards need to be deactivated before they are considered returned; otherwise, you may incur a replacement cost.

Instructions to deactivate your Keycard:

  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Deactivate'
  3. Enter your Latch email address (that you use to login to the app)
  4. Check your email and confirm the deactivation
  5. Your property management will be informed to update your device to ensure the Keycard no longer works

App overview


Update password




Personal doorcode(s)

  • Memorize for when phone is out of battery
  • Do not share these personal codes. Send guests codes when sharing access.




Check battery life (click battery icon)




View audit trail and photographic history (Note: Photos only taken of guests and invalid code entries)