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Activating Latch devices with Manager App

Welcome to your smartest install yet. Installing and programming Latch R and Latch M is simple with Manager App. If you don't have access to Manager App, contact us at

Follow these steps in order:


1. Add a device

Once you have installed the Latch device, you need to add and save the device's information:

  1. Open the Manager App
  2. Select the ‘New Door’ icon in the top right corner
  3. You’ll then be prompted to scan the QR Code on the Latch Device
  4. Scan the QR Code on the back panel of the device on the inside of the door
  5. Select the desired Portfolio & Property Information of the property you are installing in


2. Assign or create a door

  1. If you have pre-created a door in Latch Manager you can assign it by selecting 'Door Name'
  2. If you have not pre-created the door you create a door
    1. Enter the door or apartment name
    2. Select the door type. Learn more about door types.


3. Set-Up the device

Requires at least 20% battery life on battery-powered devices

  1. Select the latest firmware version
  2. You’ll then be prompted to go through the Set-Up Process
  3. Select ‘Start’
  4. The Latch Device should then start updating. (Note: the update can take 10-15 min, do not step away from the device or navigate out of the Manager app)
  5. Once successful, select 'Next'


4. Test unlock

  1. You will then be prompted to test unlock by tapping ‘Tap to unlock’
  2. Check that the device unlocked and the door opened
  3. Select ‘Next’
  4. Select ‘Finish’


1a. Configuring Latch R

To finish programming Latch R, you need to configure a few settings:

  1. Once you have saved the device's information (see 'Adding a Device' above) navigate to the device list screen
  2. Select the device you installed
  3. Select 'Configure'
  4. Select the appropriate relay configuration for the device.
    1. Normally open: Sets the Latch R relay to be normally open 
    2. Normally closed: Sets the Latch R relay to be normally closed
    3. Panel: Select if you are connecting Latch R to an existing access control panel. 
  5. If you are connecting to a panel, enter the Facility Code and Card ID for a card that unlocks the panel at all times and days
  6. Select the re-lock time 
  7. If you have connected ethernet to the device, toggle it on
    1. If you require static ethernet configuration, toggle to static mode, and enter the subnet mask, gateway, and IP address
  8. Save configuration


If you need to change the configuration of a Latch R:

  1. Navigate to the devices list
  2. Select 'Configure'
  3. Re-configure the settings and save


1b. Configuring Latch C

Latch C needs to be told what the door handing is in order for its motor to drive in the correct direction.

  1. Select 'Left' or 'Right' for the door handing



What are door types?

Door types are important for ordering the doors in your app and ensuring the correct privacy level of people in a building.

  • Building Entrance: Should generally be used for entrances, vestibules, and any other passageway used to gain access from the exterior to the interior of the building
  • Residence: Should be used for any doors that are direct entrances to someone's private space, apartment, or home
  • Service: Should be used for any doors that lead to maintenance areas or areas that are generally closed to residents such as elevator rooms and storage closets
  • Communal: Should be used for doors that lead to entertainment or community areas that are open to the majority of residents such as gyms and lounges

How to buy Latch

Currently, Latch is only available as a full property access control solution for multi-family developments with 25+ units in the United States.

To contact sales, please go to our Get Started Page and tell us about yourself and your project by clicking the “Get Started” button.

If you are not working on a multi-family project with 25+ units, please go to our Get Started Page and join our waitlist.  We’ll be sure to let you know once Latch becomes available for your use case.


Swapping out or deactivating a Latch device

It's easy to swap out or deactivate a Latch device without causing disruption. Deactivating, removes all accesses from the device, and disassociates it from the door which it was assigned to. Once deactivated, you can assign a different door to the device.


1. Deactivate the Latch device 

  1. Ensure you have access to the door - if you don't, ask your administrator to give you access
  2. Using the Manager App, navigate to the devices list
  3. Select the door which you want to deactivate the Latch device from
  4. Select 'deactivate'


2. Activate and program the new Latch device on the door

  • Ensure you select the same door name when programming the new Latch device to ensure you restore access to the right door for all the right people