Getting Started

Creating a Latch Account 

Thank you for choosing Latch for your building - we're excited to get you started. The first step in using Latch is to get an account setup by one of our Latch Specialists. Contact us at to get going. If you live in a Latch building and are having trouble with your Latch account, contact your building management.


Adding and managing building staff

Building staff are able to use Latch Manager and Manager App in order to manage access and devices for a building. We're working on making it as simple and secure to create and manage building staff in Latch Manager but in the meantime, contact to add or remove building staff to your account.

Creating doors

We recommend adding all the door names in your building in advance of installing Latch devices. This means you can add people to the door in advance so that people have access as soon as a device is installed on that door. Once you've created the door names and added all the people, you can assign that door name to a Latch device during installation. Alternatively you can create door names during installation using Manager App.


1. Create a door

  1. Navigate to the 'Doors' tab in Latch Manager
  2. Select 'Create Door'
  3. Name the door
  4. Select the door type
  5. Select 'Create' to finish creating the door
  6. You can now add people to this door


2. Assign the door name to a Latch device during installation

Once you have created the door, it needs to be assigned to a Latch device during installation using the Manager App. Once installation is complete, any people you have added to the door in advance will now have access. 


What is a 'Not Installed' door?

Once you have created a door, it needs to be assigned to a Latch device. This occurs during installation of the Latch device. Until then, the door will remain 'uninstalled'. You can still continue to add people to the door.


How to delete a door




Deleting a door

You can only delete a door if it hasn't been assigned to a Latch device yet and doesn't have any people added to it. If the door has already been assigned to a Latch device, you need to uninstall the Latch device first.


How to delete a door

  1. Ensure any Latch devices have been uninstalled from the door
  2. Remove any people who have access to the door
  3. Navigate to the 'Doors' tab
  4. Select the door you want to delete
  5. Select 'Remove Door'

Making Keys

A key is made by selecting one or more doors and the schedule they may be opened. A single Key may be given to one or more people, giving them access to all the Key's doors. You may also decide whether someone can share their Key with guests. When making access changes for a group of people, just change their Key and everyone with that Key will be updated.  



How do I give someone a new Key without changing their door codes? 

If you revoke someone's Key, their door codes for that Key's doors will be permanently deleted. To avoid this, you must first give them the new Key with those same doors. For example, Tracy has Key A with Door 1 and Door 2. To move Tracy to Key B (also with Door 1 and Door 2), give Tracy Key B first and then revoke Key A. Their door codes will remain the same. 



  1. Add the person to the new Key
  2. Remove them from the old Key


Strategies for setting up your Keys

Managing everyone is easier when you have the fewest number of Keys. 



  • Which group of people may unlock the same set of doors during the same hours?
  • Which group of people may share the same set of doors? 


Example: Keys for a residential complex

1800 Main St is a complex with 200 apartments and 20 amenities with different types of people who need access: 

  • Vendors that work only during business hours, may generally only access entrances, some amenities and all service areas. They must not be able to share their key with guests. 
  • Employees that only work during business hours but must access certain show apartments and the amenities and offices. Other employees, such as the maintenance team, must be able to access all entry doors, service spaces and amenities 24/7. Generally, employees shouldn't be able to share their key with guests.
  • Residents that must be able to access all entry doors and their apartment 24/7, but only access amenities during certain hours. Additionally, residents may have guests but must escort them to amenities. 



  • Apartment Keys for each of the 200 units, such as "Unit 205C", given to each of their respective resident leaseholders with 'May share Key' turned on. 
  • "Amenities" Key with all amenity doors given to residents with 'May share Key' turned off
  • "Employee All Access 24/7" Key with all doors, except for occupied apartments, given to employees that need to access the entire building 24/7, with 'May share key' turned off.  
  • "Employee Business hours" Key with all doors, except occupied apartments, with door schedules set to 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and given with 'May share Key' turned off. 
  • "Residences" Key with all entry doors given to residents with 'May share Key' turned on. 
  • "Tour" Key with all unoccupied apartment doors, given to all employees when giving a tour with 'May share Key' turned on so they can demo functionality to prospective residents. 
  • "Vendors" Key with all the entrances, service spaces and amenities, each with 8:00 am to 6:00 pm door schedules and given with 'May share Key' turned off. 


Adding, removing, and editing people in Latch Manager

Whether it's adding or removing a resident, or editing the doors they should have access to, managing access for your building is simple, fast, and secure with Keys in Latch Manager. If you don't have access to Latch Manager, contact


Creating someone

Follow the steps below to add someone to your building:

  1. Select the relevant building in the left menu
  2. Select 'People'
  3. Select 'Invite'
  4. Decide whether you want to give them the Latch App or a Daycode
  5. Fill out their contact details
  6. Add the Keys they need. Learn more about making Keys.
  7. Select a start time (if you select a future start date, the person will still receive their welcome email today so they can get acquainted with the Latch App)
  8. Optionally select an expiration
  9. At this point, the recipient will receive a welcome email with their app login details
  10. Review the door update tasks on the day that the access starts. What are door update tasks?
  11. Once the devices have been updated, the person will be able to access the doors by using their smartphone, doorcode, or Latch Keycard (Note: You need to independently setup Latch Keycard before using it)


Removing someone

  1. Navigate to 'People'
  2. Select the person you would like to remove
  3. Select 'Delete'
  4. Confirm that you would like to delete the person (note: this will also remove access for their permanent guests)
  5. Update the relevant doors. What are door update tasks?
  6. Once the devices have been updated, the person will no longer be able to access the doors


Editing someone's Keys 

  1. Navigate to 'People'
  2. Add, edit the expiration, or delete their Keys
  3. Review the door update tasks. What are door update tasks?
  4. Once the devices have been updated, the changes will become active



When making a Key, you can set doors in that Key to be available on certain days at certain hours for anyone that you give that Key to. In one step, everyone gets the same schedule for the same doors.


Adding a schedule to a new Key

  1. Make a Key
  2. When selecting doors, select the days and time that you want that door to be openable
  3. Update the relevant doors if necessary


Editing a schedule

To change a schedule:

  1. Select the Key in the 'Keys' menu
  2. Select 'Doors'
  3. Edit the schedule for the relevant doors


I can't set a schedule for a door

If Schedules isn't available for a door, you may need to upgrade the firmware on the Latch. Contact for guidance.


Door updates

Doors without an internet connection require an update whenever you:

  1. Revoke someone's access
  2. Activate a Keycard 

Doors are automatically updated whenever someone unlocks a door for the first time with the app (during the “setting up” process). You may also intervene and update the doors yourself with the Latch apps:


Importing people from a CSV file

With Import, you can upload people all at once from a CSV, just follow these steps:

  1. Select 'Invite' in 'People'
  2. Select 'Latch App'
  3. Select 'Import CSV'
  4. Select 'Import'
  5. Download the CSV template to ensure your data is in the right format
  6. Choose your CSV file or drag a file into the browser window
  7. Select 'Import CSV'
  8. Review your data, if there are any issues, you can make the changes to your original CSV file and re-upload
  9. Select 'Add Contacts'
  10. Add the Keys you want them to have
  11. Optional: add a start time and expiration for your imported people
  12. Review and Send
  13. Once complete, all the people you added will receive the Latch welcome email with details on using the Latch app and Latch devices


Good to know

  • Your data must be in CSV form
  • Email addresses are treated as the primary identifier people in the Latch system. If you're adding someone with an email address that already has Latch account associated with it, doors will be added to the existing account.
  • If for some reason there are problems completing the import process, the same CSV may be uploaded again and the system will only import data that hasn’t already been processed.

What is the best way to issue keycards?

Latch Keycards work securely across all the doors someone can open and are unique only to them. Therefore, activating and deactivating them is similar to a credit card.   

Someone who will use the Latch app

  1. Create their access in Latch Building Manager. 
  2. Give them their Latch keycard. The card will prompt them to activate their keycard online. After activating they must open any non-internet connected doors with the Latch app before their keycard will work. 

Please note: Their keycard must be activated before they open doors with the Latch app for the first time. If the've already used the Latch app to open their doors, they will be shown how to manually update their doors with the app. 

Someone who will not use the Latch app

  1. Create their access in Latch Building Manager.
  2. Give them their Latch keycard. The card will prompt them to activate their keycard online. After activating, they will be instructed to notify their building's management to update their doors. 
  3. Update any of their non-internet connected doors using the Latch Building Manager app (iOS). Their keycard will not open these doors until updated.  

Finding out if your residents have activated a Keycard or have the Latch app

With Latch Manager you can see if a resident has successfully logged into the app or activated a keycard, so you can rest assured they can get into the building. See Getting Started for more information on getting access to Latch Manager.

To see if a resident has logged into the app or activated a keycard follow these steps:

  1. Open Latch Manager 
  2. Select 'People'
  3. Select the user who's credentials you want to check
  4. Select 'Credentials'


How do I give Keycards to my residents?

Learn more.

Can I let guests and vendors in remotely with Latch Manager?

Yes. Latch Manager let's you send a Daycode to guests or vendors immediately for today, no matter where you are.


With Latch Manager

1. Select 'Invite'

2. Select 'Day code'

3. Enter the guest's contact details (note, you can only send a doorcode via email with Latch Manager. If you'd like to send a doorcode via text, use the Latch app)

4. Select the Keys they need (they will receive a unique code for each door)

5. Select whether you want to codes to start today or tomorrow

5. Choose if you want each code to self-destruct 15 minutes after they are first used

6. Send

7. Your guest will now receive an email with the doorcodes


With the Latch app

See how to let guests in.


If a Latch device loses power

Latch M and Latch C

Building power outages

Latch M and Latch C are both battery powered and will work as normal in the event of a building-wide power outage. Learn more about battery power.


Loss of power

If the Latch M or Latch C lose power, during battery replacement for example, it is important that they are immediately updated. Failing to update the device after power loss may cause disruption to guest access.


Latch R

Building power outages and loss of power

Latch R requires a constant power connection in order to work. In the event of power loss, due to a building-wide outage for example, it is important that it is immediately updated once power resumes. Failing to update the device after power loss may cause disruption to guest access and Schedules.


Fail-safe and fail-secure

It is important that the R is correctly wired and programmed in order to fail-safe (stay unlocked) or fail-secure (stay locked) in the event of power loss. Please consult your building installer for guidance.

Issues with unlocking

To troubleshoot an unlock issue, try the following.


Latch App

Check the following first:

  1. Ensure you're on the latest version of the app
  2. Device Bluetooth is turned on
  3. You are near the Latch device that you wish to unlock
  4. The correct Latch device has been selected
  5. You are unlocking a door within your designated schedule. Troubleshoot issues with schedules here.

If issues persist try the following:

  1. Turn Airplane mode on and off.
  2. Try your doorcode Where do I find my doorcode?
  3. Update the Latch device with the Latch App or Latch Manager App:


Latch Keycard and doorcodes

If doorcodes or Latch Keycard are not working it could be that the Latch Device is not up-to-date.

If unlocking issues persist, please contact




Changing batteries

The Latch M's 6 AA batteries should last 12 months under normal usage using 6 x AA Duracell non-rechargeable batteries. Managing them is simple. Just follow these steps.


Reading battery life

View device battery life using the Latch Manager or Manager App. 

Battery life is refreshed every time a device is updated. If a device hasn't been updated for a while, the reported battery life could be out-out-date. If a battery hasn't been read for more than a month, it'll be reported as 'unknown', and you'll need to update the device to get a reading.


What batteries do I buy?

  • 6 x AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  • Never mix old and new batteries. If you're replacing batteries, replace ALL the batteries with new ones of the same brand. Mixing can cause battery failure.


Changing batteries

  1. Remove the Latch M's back cover
  2. Replace the 6 AA batteries with AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  3. Important: Replace ALL 6 AA batteries with new batteries of the same brand. Mixing and matching new and old batteries can cause battery failure and reduced battery life
  4. Update the device (Important: failing to update the device after battery replacement can result in unreliable functionality). How do I update a device?