Getting Started

Creating a Latch Account 

Thank you for choosing Latch for your building - we're excited to get you started. The first step in using Latch is to get an account setup by one of our Latch Specialists. Contact us at to get going. If you live in a Latch building and are having trouble with your Latch account, contact your building management.


Adding and managing building staff

Building staff are able to use Latch Manager and Manager App in order to manage access and devices for a building. We're working on making it as simple and secure to create and manage building staff in Latch Manager but in the meantime, contact to add or remove building staff to your account.

Adding, removing, and editing people in Latch Manager

Whether it's adding or removing a resident, or editing the doors they have access to, managing access for your building is simple, fast, and secure with Latch Manager. If you don't have access to Latch Manager, contact


Creating someone

Follow the steps below to add someone to your building:

  1. Select the relevant building in the left menu
  2. Select 'Users'
  3. Select 'Add New User'
  4. Fill out the person's contact details
  5. Select the doors that they should have access to
  6. At this point, the recipient will receive a welcome email with their app login details
  7. Review the door update tasks on the day that the access starts. What are door update tasks?
  8. Once the devices have been updated, the person will be able to access the doors by using their smartphone, doorcode, or Latch Keycard (Note: You need to independently setup Latch Keycard before using it)


Removing someone

  1. Navigate to 'Users'
  2. Select the person you would like to remove
  3. Select 'Info'
  4. Select 'Delete User'
  5. Confirm that you would like to delete the user (note: this will also remove access for their permanent guests)
  6. Update the relevant doors. What are door update tasks?
  7. Once the devices have been updated, the person will no longer be able to access the doors


Editing someone's access 

  1. Navigate to the 'Users'
  2. Select the person you would like to remove
  3. Select 'Doors'
  4. Select 'Manage Doors'
  5. Edit their doors and confirm the changes
  6. Review the door update tasks. What are door update tasks?
  7. Once the devices have been updated, the changes will become active



With Schedules, you can set a door to be available on certain days at certain hours for someone on Latch Manager. Schedules is available on any door with a Latch R installed, and it works with or without internet.


Adding a schedule to someone

  1. Add a new person, or 'Update Access' for an existing person
  2. Select the 'Schedules' box
  3. Select the time window that the person should have access and the days in which the schedule should occur. Days that the person can open the door are highlighted in black.
  4. Create or update the access
  5. Update the relevant doors if necessary


Editing or removing someone's schedule

To change someone's schedule on a door, you have to first remove and then re-add the door. Note, this will cause the person's doorcode for that door to change. Learn more about adding, removing, and editing people in Latch Manager.


I can't set a schedule for a door

If you see the tooltip 'This door does not currently support schedules', this door most likely does not have a Latch R installed. Schedules is only available on doors with the Latch R.



If you see the tooltip 'Scheduled access for this door will be available soon', contact Latch on guidance on unlocking this feature.


Door updates and tasks

What are door updates?

Whenever someone's access is created, removed, or changed for a Latch device, the Latch device needs to be updated. In most cases, this occurs automatically if the device is connected to the internet or someone unlocks the device with their phone for the first time (Ie. when someone moves in). If the person doesn't have the Latch app or the Latch device is not internet connected, the device will need to be manually updated with one of the Latch apps.


What is a door update task?

When building staff make an access change in Latch Manager, they will be alerted to any changes that require a manual door update. To carry out the update task, use the Latch Manager App (iOS) or Latch App.

Note: You have to update the device on the day that the access starts. 


How to update a door

Latch App: Learn more here.

Latch Manager App: Select the device from the home screen and tap 'sync'


What is the best way to issue keycards?

Latch Keycards work securely across all the doors someone can open and are unique only to them. Therefore, activating and deactivating them is similar to a credit card.  

Contact to place a Keycard order. 


Someone who will use the Latch app

  1. Create their access in Latch Building Manager. 
  2. Give them their Latch keycard. The card will prompt them to activate their keycard online. After activating they must open any non-internet connected doors with the Latch app before their keycard will work. 

Please note: Their keycard must be activated before they open doors with the Latch app for the first time. If the've already used the Latch app to open their doors, they will be shown how to manually update their doors with the app. 


Someone who will not use the Latch app

  1. Create their access in Latch Building Manager.
  2. Give them their Latch keycard. The card will prompt them to activate their keycard online. After activating, they will be instructed to notify their building's management to update their doors. 
  3. Update any of their non-internet connected doors using the Latch Building Manager app (iOS). Their Keycard will not open these doors until updated. 







Issues with unlocking

To troubleshoot an unlock issue, try the following.


Latch App

Check the following first:

  1. Ensure you're on the latest version of the app
  2. Device Bluetooth is turned on
  3. You are near the Latch device that you wish to unlock
  4. The correct Latch device has been selected

If issues persist try the following:

  1. Turn Airplane mode on and off.
  2. Try your doorcode Where do I find my doorcode?
  3. Sync the device with the Latch App or Latch Manager App:
    1. Latch App: Choose 'Lock Status' in the left menu and swipe left on the device to sync
    2. Latch Manager App, select the lock and select 'Sync'


Latch Keycard and doorcodes

If doorcodes or Latch Keycard are not working it could be that the Latch Device is not up to date. To update it, sync it using the Latch App or Latch Manager App (see above).

If unlocking issues persist, please contact


Changing batteries

The Latch M's 6 AA batteries should last 12 months under normal usage. Managing them is simple. Just follow these steps.


Reading battery life

View device battery life using the Latch Manager or Manager App. 

Battery life is refreshed every time a device is updated. If a device hasn't been updated for a while, the reported battery life could be out-out-date. If a battery hasn't been read for more than a month, it'll be reported as 'unknown', and you'll need to update the device to get a reading.


Changing batteries

  1. Remove the Latch M's back cover
  2. Replace the 6 AA batteries with AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries
  3. Important: Replace ALL 6 AA batteries with new batteries of the same brand. Mixing and match new batteries will reduce battery life. 
  4. Update the device (Important: failing to update the device after battery replacement can result in unreliable functionality). How do I update a device?