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Renters Insurance

Why would I want renters insurance?

Renters insurance is an affordable way to:

  • Cover losses to your personal property due to accidental damage or theft.
  • Provide protection if there’s an accident at your residence that results in injury or damage that you’re liable for.
  • Protect specialty items and valuables, like jewelry, by purchasing specific protection for those items when you obtain a policy.

Your building or state may require renters insurance as a condition of your lease. If you’re unsure, check with your building manager. 


What about my building’s insurance policy?

Your landlord’s insurance policy protects the building structure. It does not protect you or your belongings.


What is the renters insurance feature in the Latch App?

Latch has partnered with licensed insurance agencies Boost and Lemonade to make it quick and easy to get a quote and purchase a policy suited to your needs. If you already have an existing policy, you can use the feature to provide proof of the policy to building management if they request it.


What does a renters insurance policy cover?

Policies sold through Latch generally cover three areas:

  • Your property (accidental damage or theft)
  • Liability (bodily injury or property damage you’re liable for)
  • Additional living expenses (aka “Loss of Use”)

Your policy will specify which perils are and aren’t covered. Make sure you review your policy documentation to understand the coverage you have.


What does a policy not cover?

Your policy document will provide specifics on what isn’t covered, but some notable categories include:

  • Earthquake damage (can be added in some states for an additional fee)
  • Flood damage
  • An unrelated roommate’s property


What are some of the named perils my policy may cover?

Accidental damage or loss caused by:

  • Fire or lightning
  • Smoke
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Wind or hail (some states require a separate deductible for wind/hail damage)


Who is covered under my policy?

You plus anyone living in your household who is related to you by blood, marriage, or adoption. Your policy does not cover unrelated roommates, so they would need to purchase their own.


What happens if I cancel?

First, you can cancel at any time. In most states, you’ll finish out the current policy period which is typically one calendar month. If you are in GA, MD, MI, MT, NY, or VA, your policy will be canceled effective the following day and you’ll receive a pro-rated refund on the unused premium.


I purchased a Lemonade policy through Latch. How do I pay my premium, change my policy, or make a claim?

If your policy was purchased from Lemonade, visit or use the Lemonade mobile app to manage your policy including payment, changes, and claims. All other policies are managed through the Latch app itself.


Who is Boost Insurance Agency?

Latch has partnered with Boost Insurance Agency, Inc., a licensed insurance producer, to offer renters insurance to Latch users.


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