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What is the Latch Delivery Assistant experience for the Delivery Courier?

A courier uses the front entrance Intercom to call our Virtual Doorman who quickly validates and grants secure access to the building. Once inside, the courier is directed to drop the packages into the Package Room or the designated drop off area. The courier can then then exit the building to continue on with their other deliveries.

What is the Latch Delivery Assistant experience for a Property Manager?

Property Managers receive a weekly detailed report of all delivered packages from our Virtual Doorman. This report allows the Property Manager to audit deliveries and perform inventory management. Property Managers can use the Latch Scanner located in the Manager App to scan delivered packages. Property Managers can then send residents a personalized notification of delivery.


How to Set Up Latch Delivery Assistant

Please note that in order to use Latch Delivery Assistant, it must be purchased prior to setting it up in Mission Control. For assistance with purchasing or any questions regarding the software, please reach out to Latch Support at

Learn to set up your virtual doorman, create package room units, and give access to everyone that needs access.

  1. Login to
  2. Create ‘Packages’ Intercom unit
    1. Select the “Property Settings” tab
    2. Select “Manage Units”
    3. Select “Add Unit”
    4. Label Unit Name as “Packages”
  3. Create “Building Entrance” Door (Skip this step if the entrance door already exists)
    1. Select the “Doors” tab
    2. Select “Add Door”
    3. Name the Door “Building Entrance” & select “Building Entrance” as the type
    4. Save the Door
  4. Create “Package Room” Door (Skip this step if the package room door already exists)
    1. Select the “Doors” tab
    2. Select “Add Door”
    3. Name the Door “Package Room” & select “Building Entrance” as the type
    4. Save the Door
  5. Create “Package Room” Key
    1. Select the “Key” tab
    2. Select “Make Key”
    3. Name the Key “Package Room” & select the Building Entrance & Package Room Doors
    4. Select “Make Key”
  6. Invite the virtual doorman
    1. Select the “People” tab
    2. Select “Invite”
    3. Select “Latch App” from the drop down
    4. Input the following information:
      1. First Name: Delivery
      2. Last Name: Assistant
      3. Email:
      4. Phone: (832) 869-1889
      5. Unit: Packages
      6. Keys: Package Room
    5. Select “Send"
  7. Rename “Delivery Assistant”
    1. Select the “People Tab”
    2. Select the “Delivery Assistant” resident
    3. Scroll down & click “Edit” next to the ‘Display in Intercom’ section
    4. Mark “Show in intercom” & select “Custom Name” from the dropdown
    5. List “Package Room” for the Intercom Display Name
    6. Select “Save”

*Note: Residents must have their phone numbers uploaded to Latch Mission Control to receive package notifications. 

How to Use the Latch Package Scanner

To use the Latch Package Scanner, open the Latch Manager App on your smartphone. Please note that users with Portfolio Owner permissions for multiple portfolios must switch portfolios in order to view the associated properties.

Choose your building on the Properties page. Then, select “Scan Packages” in the top right hand corner. 

Begin uploading photos. Press “Select” to choose package labels from your camera roll or choose “Capture” to directly take photos of package labels in real-time. 

Wait for the photo to upload and process. Once processed, the resident will receive an SMS notification alerting them that their package has arrived.

Troubleshooting the Latch Package Scanner

We are currently sending notifications by matching the first and last name of the resident uploaded to the Latch Mission Control

If you receive an error stating “Processing failed, try again,” see below: 

  1. The resident’s first or last name may be missing from their contact card in Latch Mission Control. Double check that their information is entered correctly. 
  2. You will receive an error if the package is for a person that doesn't have a Latch Mission Control contact card. For example, the contact card for the leaseholder may have been uploaded, but information was not added for their roommates, spouse, or guests. 
  3. If the package is for "Reggie" but the Latch Mission Control contact card has the name "Reginald," you will receive an error. Confirm the contact card uses the correct version of your resident’s name. 
  4. The picture may be too blurry or is an unrelated picture so text cannot be matched.