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Bringing your Latch Property or Device Online

What is Latch Mission Control and what does it do?

Whether your Latch building has hundreds of Latch devices or just one, Latch Mission Control is the tool to digitally manage your device(s) in one place. With Latch Mission Control, you can give and revoke access to every Latch device in your building and manage your property or portfolio, straight from your web browser. Within Latch Mission Control, you’ll see People, Keys, Doors, and Activity. These sections enable you to add your building occupants, set up the correct Keys for your Doors, and monitor the individuals coming in and leaving your building. JuneEmail-Enhanced

Here are the steps to bring your Latch property or device online:

1. Purchase your Latch Device and complete Property Activation Form

Purchase Latch devices through your sales representative, an authorized dealer, or Latch's store. 

If you purchase your device through Latch's store, you'll receive a form via e-mail requesting details about your Latch property. Complete and submit the form.

2. Create a Portfolio Manager and Invite other Managers (Managing your Portfolio/Team)

After purchasing your Latch device and filling out your Property Activation form (if purchasing through Latch's store), we will designate an initial Portfolio Manager for your property who will receive an invitation to create a log-in with Latch Mission Control (if you purchase on Latch's store, this will be the purchaser). Once their account is created, the designated Portfolio Manager can invite additional Property Managers or Portfolio Managers as needed (see Managing your Portfolio/Team).

Note: Before Latch devices are installed at your property, identify who will be activating the devices. Make sure that person is granted device management permissions

3. Create Door(s) ahead of Installation (Managing Doors)

Doors are the building blocks of Latch Mission Control.

Each Latch device must have a corresponding digital Door in Latch Mission Control, including residence doors, amenities, and public entrances, so you'll create a door for every Latch device you plan to install.

4. Create Keys (Managing Keys)

A key holds a door or group of doors and can be assigned to one or more people, giving them access to all the doors in that Key. When you create your keys, add the doors that you've just created and plan to install (ex: Door 101 could be added to a key labeled '101').

Property management can also apply certain settings to keys, such as Key Schedules. When you make a change to a key, the changes will apply to everyone with that Key.

5. Invite users and assign access (Managing People)

Invite users (residents, vendors, etc.) and assign them access to the relevant doors (for resources on how to use the Latch App or Latch devices, check out this section).

6. Install Latch device(s) (Installation)

Install your Latch devices and assign them to their digital doors (using the resources in this section).



Turning Off and Turning On Two Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication ensures that you're the only person who can access your Latch Mission Control account, even if someone knows your email and password. If you're a Portfolio Manager, you can also enforce two-factor authentication for all Portfolio and Property Managers of your portfolio to ensure everyone is protected.

Two-factor authentication applies only to Latch Manager. A Property Manager with two-factor authentication turned on in Latch Manager will not be required to provide a two-factor authentication code when logging into the Latch App.

Turning on Two-Factor Authentication for yourself

  1. Navigate to your name in the top right corner of Latch Mission Control.
  2. Tap 'My Account.'
  3. Tap 'Set Up' under 'Two-Factor Authentication.'
  4. Enter the phone number to which you'd like us to send your authentication codes.
  5. Enter the authentication code sent to your phone number.

Turning on Two-Factor Authentication for your Portfolio

  1. First set up Two-Factor Authentication for yourself.
  2. Navigate to 'My Account.'
  3. Tap 'Security Settings' under 'Two-Factor Authentication.'
  4. Turn on Two Factor Authentication for your Portfolio at the bottom of the page.

Turning off Two-Factor Authentication for yourself

  1. You will not be able to turn off Two-Factor Authentication for yourself if it has been enforced by your Portfolio Manager. 
  2. If Two-Factor Authentication is not enforced by your Portfolio Manager, navigate to your name in the top right corner of Latch Mission Control
  3. Tap 'My Account'
  4. Tap 'Security Settings' under 'Two-Factor Authentication'
  5. Tap 'Turn Off' 

Turning off Two-Factor Authentication for your Portfolio

  1. Navigate to your name in the top right corner of Latch Mission Control.
  2. Tap 'My Account.'
  3. Tap 'Security Settings' under 'Two-Factor Authentication.'
  4. Tap 'Turn Off' at the bottom of the page.

What Browsers are Compatible with Latch Mission Control

Latch Mission Control runs on all modern desktops, tablets, and mobile browsers. We commit to support the latest version. The most common web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari and IE Edge will automatically update themselves so that you're always running the most current version. We also support IE11.